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"We Prevent Putting Harmful Dust + Debris Into The Air By Avoiding Agitating These Particles Unless Absolutely Necessary"

You likely don’t need your chimney swept; odors, leaks, and smoke problems can be caused by a number of factors including simple pressure differential issues. An expert inspector can determine what exactly your chimney needs and fix the root cause saving you lots of money and keeping your chimney in tip-top shape. If your chimney really does need creosote, animal, pest, or debris removal to prevent fires, address safety concerns or because of an impedance to the inspection or repair process, your technician will perform a professional sweeping as needed.

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We specialize in identifying the root causes of chimney + fireplace issues and providing lasting solutions that treat the real problem not the symptoms, earning repeat business with professionalism, cleanliness, and clear communication.

About Emberstone

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Our technicians are highly educated and frequently trained on all safety measures required for providing lasting chimney + fireplace repairs. We take care of our professionals so they can provide expert care for you.

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Our inspection experts are certified to inspect any type of fireplace or chimney in your home or office.

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Our cleaning professionals are trained to remove all dirt, creosote buildup, debris, and pests from your home or office chimney + fireplace.

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From chimney relining to advanced masonry repair, our professional chimney technicians have the skills needed to keep you safe and warm.

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With our enormous catalog of inserts, stoves, + fireplaces we guarantee that you will find the right heating solution for you.

Chimney Sweeping

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